Friday, December 30, 2011

Character Study Introduction


I really felt convicted yesterday that we need to start doing a Character Study with the kids. (I have wanted to teach them for a couple years... but no more excuses! We only get one shot at this parenting business!)

I'm sort-of piecing together some resources. We are starting with the Humility packet to kick off the first few days of the year. It seemed to be the best trait to start on around here. I'm really excited! Here is the link to the packet on the Confessions of a Homeschooler website. (she has 10 of these packets, which I immediately downloaded like a pack rat just in case I wouldn't find them when I finally was ready to teach them. ("Humility" does not mean to humiliate oneself or others - these are very positive studies!! Its Christian-ese for "Not having a big head" These cite Bible verses and such, but I strongly feel that these are useful even if you prefer not to use the scripture. These do a very good job of explaining complex, important values that anyone with good character possesses) .

I'm looking forward to our whole family learning these - not just the kids :)

Oh, and please post a comment if you want me to blog about this - It may help me stay accountable to doing this and would love to share what I'm doing and be encouraged by you all.

If there is interest in my blogging about it, I will try to keep it updated about same-time from when I'm teaching it. I know sharing would be a good source to those in Internetville, but I don't want to invest the time right now if it is not helping someone *right now*

(I'm one week into recovering from shoulder surgery and typing is an issue the way it is! For that reason, and obvious energy restraints from therapy and healing and trying to keep the house in order-ish I just can't spend time polishing posts and creating flow right now. Sorry!)


  1. o no, shoulder surgery!? jen, I hope it goes well and completely takes care of the problem. let me know how it's feeling.

    i'm interested to know some of your overall observations on what you learned from teaching the girls about character traits -- such as, what are good ways to help kids understand the quality, how did they learn it best, what made it 'stick', etc. no rush, this could be a reflective summary after a few weeks or months.

    thanks jen, and again, hoping for the very best outcome on your surgery.


  2. I'd love to read about this! I think this is a terrific thing to tackle with your kids. This falls under intentional parenting in my book. I see way too many parents not taking that role of parent seriously enough. I'm impressed with this Jenny.


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