Saturday, August 27, 2011


A quick post to share what I did with leftovers the other day...

I originally got the idea to slice a hotdog this way from Family Fun magazine - I didn't think of it on my own! 
You could totally use Ramen noodle soup instead of broth.

In chicken broth, I boiled one cup of mixed veggies, 1/4 cup of small shell noodles and then sliced three hotdogs BEFORE cooking in the broth.

When everything was done cooking, I took a slotted spoon and scooped the noodles and veggies onto a plate.  I tore up some string cheese and laid that on as well.  If my kids liked Parmesian cheese, I would have used that instead (for sand)...but they don't.  Then,  I stuck the (tricky!)peppercorn eyes on the little hotdog guys but went sans ketchup smile, because, well, they were hot!  They'd look pretty un-appetizing with dribbley ketchup smiles running down their faces.  Then I added Basil flowers for seaweed, since I had just brought in some basil from the garden.

Whaddy'a think?
Kids didn't like them.   Flop.

Maybe I'll try again with different flavors, even mac and cheese leftovers.  Oh well - at least I blogged about it :)

Coming soon - How To Peel a Tomato!   - I bet you are on the edge of your seats!

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  1. Leftover octopi! They look tasty to me. I think I'll try this with our leftovers. Thanks for sharing.


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