Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still no Pop and Treasure Trove of Local Saving Websites (local to MN)

These are some local websites I subscrbe to or check often for local deals. I really don't know what to call them but "Savings Vouchers" but as far as I know, I have three radio stations that do their own version of them. Since doing my post way back at the start of my blog, I have since learned that Hutchinson MN's KARP radio station also does these vouchers (though as of right now there is no way to "subscribe" to the website, grr). I hope to add these to my sidebar at some point ---->

Savings Voucher websites:
St. Cloud, MN's Spirit 92.9 radios' Shop N' Save
St. Cloud, MN's WJON radios' Value Connection
Hutchinson, MN's KARP radios' Wheeler Dealer
(in order of user-friendlyness)

Other Local Coupons:
(which seems good to me because you can see what my local flyer drawer looks like below!)

National Websites with Local Deals: (this site is new to me - but you can browse local flyers by zip code and get restaurant coupons, etc)

(my restaurant flyer/phonebook/household phonenumber book/church directory/community ed directory/school information drawer) -- I could do without all those pesky restaurant flyers with the microscopic expiration dates - I'm sure I have some from last JUNE in there...)

If you aren't local to central MN, maybe these websites can give you ideas as to where to look and what to look for in your area. Feel free to send me links!

Oh, and I've now gone FOUR months now without pop! (Yes, I know I said "pop" and not "soda", you'll have to deal with it :) ) It took 2-3 weeks of headaches (I quit cold turkey) and a while of craving it every day, then only when I saw it, and now pretty rarely. I miss it to sip on when watching movies or scrapbooking. I encourage anyone to try quitting-even for 2 weeks or a month, to help you figure out WHY you drink it. I realized I'd drink it for any of these reasons: tired, headache, thirsty, I "deserve" it, too hot, bad taste in my mouth --even to help open up my bronchials when really my athsma was bothering me and I should take my albuterol!! Obviously, it has helped me get to the root of my habit on WHY I drink it and more pro-active ways to deal with the root of the craving.

I have taken to instant English Toffee cappiccino mix or chai tea, but were getting there. (I have NEVER been a coffee drinker - in fact when I was still drinking pop, these cappiccino mixes would be too coffee-y for me). I guess since I'm almost 30 now, it was a good time to get old and drink "coffee", lol. The holidays were hard since that was about all that was served at people's houses besides black coffee and water (and you hated to interfere with the cooks to find a glass and fill it with water and be in their way) but I did it.... by drinking some water and eventually a wine cooler, lol. Maybe now that it is the new year, I'll allow myself a glass/can of pop during these times - especially when it feels the only alternative is alcohol. It seems silly to stick to the pop rule only to drink alcohol (not that I have a problem with an occasional adult drink--when I actually WANT one!). I keep telling myself that the only opinion on this no-pop subject that matters is my own personal convictions -- unless I start drinking 32+ oz. a day of regular pop again, that is.

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