Monday, January 4, 2010

Steamed Winter Veggies (and an update!)

(Recipe is below)

Wow - it's been a while since I've posted! Since I've posted last, I've been cooking from scratch more - I made a quadruple batch of sweet potato pancakes for the kids to toast for breakfast during the busy Thanksgiving - Christmas stretch (we'll address the gallon of syrup used another time!). Can you tell I've been perfecting my batch cooking technique?

I've also been perfecting my home made bread recipe and adapting it to a loaf pan instead of using the bread maker.

We had a crazy Christmas getting snowed in at our in-laws (we left home a day early to avoid the weather and came home to THIS!)

See? That's about a foot and a half of snow. At least. Even the snowplow driver got in the Christmas spirit and left us a 3 foot tall present! I bet he enjoyed delivering those gifts Christmas morn! All I can say is thank you Lord that the 20+ year old snow blower worked! (it didn't last snowstorm)

I spent the last 2 days archiving my 2009 photos (I always seem to get duplicates when I'm downloading batches) and went through and deleted over 400 of the 1300 pictures I took (wow!) - that includes some duds, too. But I came across some pictures of recipes I intended to blog about months ago but never did - like this one!

My blog friend, Erin, started her $800 Annual Budget again for groceries/eating out this year. And she stocked up on some winter veggies to get her started for this year. So I thought it would be a good time to share it (finally!)

Steamed Winter Vegetables (I can't think of anything more creative for a name, sorry! ...I usually refer to these as my "steamer mixed veggies" or "steamed veggies"...real specific, I know!


Potato, unpeeled
1/2 onion (baseball sized)
handful of baby carrots (these were frozen but can be fresh)
1-2 TB water (depending on how wet the veggies are)

Season with your choice of rosemary, 1 TB butter, seasoned salt or regular salt.

Sometimes, if I'm eating this as a meal, I'll double the ingredients - they cook down quite a bit.

I got a Pampered Chef 1 qt. steamer (gulp!) 10 years ago as a wedding shower gift that sat practically unused until I started making this a few years ago - and now I bought the 2 qt. steamer to go with it! If you don't have one, you could probably just use a covered casserole dish - just check the liquids 4-5 minutes into cooking it.

I just chop these veggies into bite sized pieces and toss with some rosemary (fresh from my garden in this picture!) or dried. Pearl onions are really good in this as well - frozen ones are your best friend! (no peeling tiny onions!)... If you don't have the rosemary you could also use Italian seasoning. Or you could omit the herbs and just use some seasoned salt. Then throw in a pat of butter and a pinch of salt and some water. I then snap on the lid and give it a shake (while holding it over the sink to catch any drips) to combine. I then microwave on 70% power for about 5-7 minutes.
There - now can you really call that a recipe? This is one you write down just so you don't forget about it. I've made this as a meal for myself many times. I may today to update the title picture. It's yummy! Enjoy!
ETA: Had some today with the pearl onions - and got a better picture of the finished dish!

disclaimer: I have no idea why Blogger makes it such a pain to format posts. Sorry, but I'm calling it good!


  1. Sweet, I have all the ingredients on hand, lol. thanks for sharing.

    Oh and I am asking this of all my bloggy friends to please consider feeding your blog onto facebook through networked blogs. That way once you post it will automatically go to the facebook page of those following and then it is also easier to share with others. ;-)

  2. Hi Jenny thanks for posting a comment on my blog! i have a super old version of The Print Shop, and I am still in love with it, version 15!! I am afraid to get anything newer! hehe!


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