Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No-cost fun!

My little DD3 was feeling left out today when her big sister got home from school today. DD3 doesn't start preschool until next week and told me she wants to go to her big sister's school (which also offers preschool) instead. So to help her think of all the fun she will have at her preschool, I copied a low/no cost game they had there...

I call them "I Spy Things" (real creative, I know!)

What you need:

Clear water bottle/soda bottle (I have 2 milk bottles from Burger King)
dry, non-perishable food, like rice (others that MAY work might be plain popcorn, or craft sand or maybe beads - I think dried beans might get corroded by sharp objects in the bottle)
Lots of knick-knacks that won't melt, rot or deteriorate

I kept my girls' bottles virtually identical because I didn't want them claiming one. I know that wouldn't stop the older one ("My alphabet bead has a "B" on it - not an "H"!! This is YOUR bottle!" so I had to make it clear that they aren't to be claimed. *sigh* kids.

Anyway, with two bottles, they can play I Spy with them. If you just had one made, you could write down or take pictures of each item and list them or cut them into cards. It depends how you want to use them. Mine will be (tightly sealed) in the car.

The preschool ones had Monopoly pieces and tiny animal figurines, quarters, etc. I'm too cheap for that - I used pennies :) Once I got going on our bottles, I was getting really inspired.

Types of I Spy bottles:
  • You could go with a theme (like office supplies for a fun stress-reliever for a co-worker) or legos and Knex for a little builder.
  • You also could spend a day or two looking for treasures on a walk around downtown or on a trip to make a fun keepsake or something.
  • Another idea, for a harder game for tweens and teens would be to put one of each letter of alphabet beads in the bottle and they could hunt out the letters to spell a word.
The more rice and the smaller the pieces (or similar color to the rice), the harder it is to find "new" pieces in the bottles.

Ours had about 20 items in that little 1 cup bottle such as:
  • Buttons (one each of 2 colors)
  • paper clip
  • a stick pin
  • popcorn kernel
  • small lego
  • piece of ribbon
  • sparkly bead
  • alphabet bead
  • craft eyes
  • penny
  • matchbox car wheels
  • small silk ribbon flowers
  • some scrapbooking charms
Some other ideas: Marbles, stray game pieces or toy parts (like that Polly Pocket's leg that has been floating around the house? lol), pop-tabs, pen cap, screw/nail, fishing lures, pebbles (pick a few colors!), acorns, etc. ..Don't forget the buttons that come on your clothing tags or a old shirt!

I tried to keep my objects identifiable to the kids to lessen the "need" to ask Mom a question while she is trying to drive.

If you make one of these I would LOVE to see a picture! I almost wish I hadn't made them with the kids because they would have made great stocking stuffers. But now I can make a set for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.

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  1. These are so cute!! What a great idea. I could use these in Sunday school.


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