Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 GALLONS of fresh blueberries and 2 lbs. bananas for under $24!

At Cash Wise!

Pints of blueberries are on sale for .98 each - so I bought 2 flats (or 24 pints)
The free item after $25 purchase is 2 pounds of bananas.
You can count the value of the free item towards the $25.


(24) x .98 = $23.52 for blueberries
(2 lbs ban.) $ 1.24
$24. 76

--usually they will let something that close slide, but if you don't have anything else, just make sure you have a little over 2 pounds of bananas.

But the 2 pounds of bananas will be free, so you would get this all for under $24.

If you are wondering why I am buying so many blueberries, its because (1) the freeze well and (2) they are an anti-inflammatory food. For you who don't personally know me, I have Crohn's Disease, which is an autoimmune, or inflammatory disease. I am on more medication than my grandma (most likely, anyway!) because of inflammatory issues. Many times if you are lucky enough to have one, you more than likely have several (like my asthma, eczema, allergies and arthritis). I am even undergoing a round of Entocort, an oral steroid, to give me some relief to my symptoms, and once I'm done with that, I am hoping I will have the courage to change my diet to a more anti-inflammatory diet so I don't need such high levels of daily medication. Prayers are welcome! Thanks for letting me share a little about me. It could be MUCH worse, right? I try to remember that.


  1. that is awesome! we are almost out of the huge batch of frozen blueberries I bought this year. And with the heat my bushes I planted are done producing for this year too.

  2. It has been way too long since I checked your blog! I only bought 12 pints and we have been eating them for our fruit this week. I didn't think to freeze any, since I buy frozen bags at Costco. I am now a follower so I can get your updates on my dashboard!

  3. I love blueberries. So many possibilities.


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