Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 Garden pictures

Don’t bother clicking “view full album” because each set of three is all that’s in the album… I just like this LO. Clicking will show you a bigger pic, though.

1. “Red Riding Hood” Diplodania plant that I got on clearance last year for $3 (with the trellis) – it seems to really like the spot I put it in… and of course, a few plants I never got in… I seem to have those every year.

2. My pathetic banana plant. Its just fun to have, but I think it needs to be cut back and repotted. Oh, and the “spinny” is from my niece, Callie :D

3. DD next to my garlic pot. Its ready to harvest any day now. Behind her is some volunteer tree that started growing in my planter. Maybe a maple?

1 & 2. The start of my “Mommy’s Garden”. I had the landscape fabric down last year but it got sun-rotted and the weeds set in pretty fast. We want to move our generic rock in the front of the house back here and replace the front with some reddish granite chips or something. I won a $75 gift card from a farm store last year so I got a lot of perennials for this garden. Landscaping is next summer’s project.

3. My grape vine in its third year, but this is all new growth. It died and got chewed on the first two years but it came back this year and now its growing like crazy!

june 24 garden WEB-08

Here is our two blueberry bushes. Originally, I got a vine for DH for father’s day last year that also got chewed and never regrew. So I thought I’d try two different varieties of blueberry bushes instead. They are right next to the grape vine.

1. My white and yellow onions. Aren’t they enormous?! I really should have put a ruler by them so you could see. They’re huge.

2. My fence around my vegetable garden. We fenced in about 4 feet to the left of the garden so we could just put a gate at the top and bottom instead of a gate for each bed.

3. My carrots. See? Yeah. I don’t see them either. I seeded them twice. *sigh* I always have a tough time with carrots! spinach didn’t come up either (behind where the carrots were supposed to be)

june 24 garden WEB-11 june 24 garden WEB-12

1. Bottom bed: Before we fenced, we planted a pole bean and sunflower house for the girls. Not doing so hot, so I’m not that concerned that they wont have a door for it anymore, lol (its blocked by the fence)

2. Second bed: My herb bed, standing right by those gigantic onions. You can see lettuce, chives and dill right up front.

june 24 garden WEB-15 june 24 garden WEB-14

1. A teeny-tiny strawberry from one of the transplants from my friend’s garden. (we traded a portion of my chive plants for some of her strawberry plants)

2. This picture is from the side, so the front of the bed is the left side where the strawberry plants are. In the back of the picture I have a rosemary plant growing in front of the lettuce, a cilantro plant, then two basil plants, and a spot for leeks (that never came up) and 4 red onions that I just recently got in.

june 24 garden WEB-17

june 24 garden WEB-16

1. Third bed: My bed of peas and corn. Supposed to be three rows of corn, room for about 30 stalks, but only about 10 are growing.

2. About half my peas came up, but they are flowering and starting to get pods, so hopefully we will have a harvest big enough at once for at least one meal of fresh peas.

june 24 garden WEB-18 june 24 garden WEB-19

1. My fourth bed has potatoes in back (red and yukon gold) and along the front I have some sugar-snap peas, salsa peppers and heartland tomatoes (that aren’t growing).

2. Bell peppers and two egg plants (just for fun) and the heartland tomatoes.

1 & 2. Fifth bed: Some more tomatoes along the front of this bed too, with an empty spot for the cantaloupe plant that didn’t come up (but I have a volunteer one growing in my potatoes). Broccoli and cauliflower plants growing with Rhubarb and pickle zukes growing right by it. Crowded but I planned on the rhubarb and cauliflower plants being gone halfway though the season to give the vines some room.

3. Very top of the garden, not really a bed but we needed the room. Loosely referred to as the sixth bed. Pumpkins, watermelon and squash are supposed to be here. DH and the kids planted this one so I really don’t know what’s what.

june 24 garden WEB-25 My pretty (fake) stone I got at Craft’s Direct on clearance for about $6. I keep it by my bottom gate and smile every time I see it. I’m looking forward to landscaping the front of my garden with some flowers and vines to cover the (ugly) fence next year!

I think next year we will get some compost delivered and I will mulch over the seed rows to help keep water in the soil. I really hate using our city water to water and we had a very dry spring. Carrots and spinach are planted very close to the surface so that's my guess why they didn't come up. I also want to look into some sort of soaker hose system because my sprinkler doesn't water the sides very well, and really doesn't do the trick once the growth gets really high. There is always something to do when you have a garden, and I enjoy it.

And guess what DH's father's day present was this year?! A gas-powered weed-whacker with a cultivator attachment! (that part is for me, lol!)

Thanks for checking out my garden tour! I’m having lots of fun!

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