Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let the garden grow!

Can you guess which one is going to be the tallest?

So spring has come early to my house. We had some March snowstorms that were absolutely depressing to see. I was bored and snowed in (more or less) so I had to do something. I planted peas in an empty egg carton. They grew and grew and I transplanted them to my windowsill garden. The girls saved their empty yogurt containers and we planted pumpkin seeds and gourd seeds and flower seeds. We added crushed eggshells to everything (that pic above is my little one helping me out with that). I also saw my friend Michelle's blog about how a friend is growing garlic at her hobby farm and got me wanting to do the same. So I did some research and planted some in a big pot around the third weekend of March (when it was around 30 degrees) and took my chances that they would have enough of a dormant period to come up. They are! (it helps that one of my cloves I planted already had started to sprout in my cabinet! Hopefully that is ok!) I will have to post my garden layout soon. I've had it done for quite some time. But here are some pictures of what I've been up to lately. Not grocery shopping. Ugh! Sorry I haven't posted deals lately. I guess you can see where my priorities are... As for the dishes... there is a saying that I'd like to quote. "Thank God for dirty dishes!"

So the pea plants put all that sample dental floss you get to good use! I strung some floss between 2 command adhesive hooks at the top of my window (and one in the middle for support) and tied on individual strands of floss, one for each vine. I then anchored the floss strings into the dirt by tying them onto some long screws we had left over from a project and stuck the screws into the soil. That has worked pretty well at keeping the strings where they should be. Then I did the pain-in-the-butt task of training all the vines onto the strings (and re-training... they seem to like the string next to them more then their own!). Ta-da! They are now 2/3's up the kitchen window now. Not sure if I'll transplant them or what. I did take the time to put my screen in the window and wash my kitchen window before putting up the vines in case I feel like letting these guys hang around all summer. But they block my view and its annoying. But it got me through the last weeks of winter!

This is of my pot outside with 2 of the garlic cloves starting to poke up. Its a 50/50 mix of sand and potting mix, so its pretty light dirt for them. I've come to the conclusion that while harvesting the food is nice, I like to just have something to putz around with and try new things to see if they will grow. I guess that's my Grandpa in me :)

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