Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let the garden grow, part 2

Well, we got the dirt shoveled out of that bottom bed this past week. That was about 25-30 wheelbarrow-fulls and thankfully, we had this weekend's rain coming as our motivation to hurry up and get it done before it all got soaked (and a lot heavier to move!)

See my chives coming up on the third bed on the right?

So here is our plan for this years garden, although I'm not sure about the watermelon, cantaloupe or squash, and am planting the carrots after all. I might try some new techniques to help with spacing(seed taping) and try lasagna gardening, too. I also had to try growing leeks (I've never even knowingly eaten them!). Oh, and by the way, my garlic is growing well in that pot. I have 5 coming up for sure.

What do you think? This is year three of gardening for us. I honestly would appreciate constructive criticism. I don't know if we will be able to afford compost this year, so I might back fill the planted plants with some of that black dirt that had been resting in our bottom bed all last year. Or I might take some of the loam from under the trees at the perimeter of our property, come to think of it.


  1. I just found your blog today as I was commenting on another person's blog. I like your catchy name, so I clicked on it! I love your blog..your colors and pictures are great! I was studying your garden layout, and I noticed something. You have your layout drawn out into the 5 beds. I studied your picture really hard, and noticed that your property seems to go uphill. Is that right, or am I looking at it wrong? Anyway, if it does, then you might want to plant all of your corn in the bottom two beds. Corn has very shallow roots, and water tends to flow downhill. This would give the corn a much better watering. Strawberries don't like to get their "little feet" all soaked...they might do better higher up. This was just a thought from one gardener to another. Of course, if I am totally looking at this wrong, and it is all flat, then just disregard the comments! :)

  2. Sorry it took awhile to get back to you - Thanks for your comments! I like what you have to say about the corn and strawberries - I'll have to remember that! There are so many factors to planning a garden, isn't there? Sunlight, wind, size and rate of growth, harvest time, and of course the plants' particular needs! --not to mention on my garden I want to utilize the stepped feature to my advantage and plant the high-maintenance picking plants there so i don't have to stoop so much. I'm learning so much all the time!

    And to answer your question, yes, its stepped up the hill. Each bed is about 2 feet higher than the one below it. I refer to the bottom one as bed 1 and go up from there.


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