Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just thinking about my first car today...

(thanks to for the pic of the '81 Citation)
I got an '84 Citation (II?) in 1995 as my first car. Off-white, 4 door. My dad actually had an '81 4-door that got totaled around '89. Brother fixed it up and bought a few other citations as parts cars (light blue ones)... so by the time I got mine, we had 4 of them!

Funny story - My dad bought it for $200 (talked down from $250) from a monastery - it was a car available for monks to use. Meticulously maintained. Perfectly detailed maintenance records. However, they forgot to clean under the seats - the first time I had to slam on the breaks in that car an old whiskey bottle flew out from under the seat!

2 years later, it broke down on me on the 3-hour trip through the middle of nowhere on my way to college. Dad tried to fix it to be more reliable, but finally gave up.

He sold it.

For $250.



  1. Cute, funny story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember that that car! You drove around it in more than once! You would always say "it's a citation" like that was the greatest thing ever. :) I can't believe your Dad made a profit on it! -Dawn


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