Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Depression Cooking

I was checking out a blog called Fun Foods on a Budget and she mentioned this cute 90-some year old lady on YouTube making Depression-era meals. I had to check them out -- She's so cute! I think I'll have to make the Egg Drop Soup or one of her others - after all - they're cheap recipies - what do I have to loose?!!?! :)

Click here to view her "channel" on YouTube

I hope this will post the egg drop soup video, but be sure to check out the others!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Cub day

I had a good one yesterday.

First of all, I live no where near a Cub Foods but was visiting a friend for the new year that lived near Monticello, MN Cub, which takes 3 m. expireds. DH gets a free Honeysuckle White fresh or frozen turkey each year(no size/price restriction) and that q was expiring yesterday (wasn't going to chance THAT one) I had put in a special order for a 22-24 lb one but it wasn't in yet so I had to settle for a little 15 pounder. so... this is it

(2) Compleats with 2/$4 cub q and (2) 1/$1 mf. q's
(1) $1 Idahoan potato packet - .60 mq.
(4) Special K/smart starts - $2.50 ea - (3) $1 mq's
(2) $1 produce - free after wyb 2 kelloggs (select varieties) cereals q
.68 english muffins
.68 dozen eggs
.68 bacon
(forgot the .68 oj)
(2) Capri sun 100% juice - (2) $1.50/1 peelies
A&H deod on sale for $1 - .50 A&H deod q
$21.39 frozen honeysuckle white turkey - FREE!

-$3 holiday bucks
-$$5/50 Cub q
-$5 Supervalu credit coupon (for a complaint)
-and all the mq's
$2.90 OOP!!!! (plus I got another holiday buck!) (saved 95%)

Yes that decimal is in the right place. I felt like I was getting away with highway robbery! I was in a hurry and didn't even plan for that close oop, I got lucky I stayed in the black! The cashier complained to me she was going to get audited for my transaction. Oh well... thats her job. I still couldn't keep myself from grinning ear to ear like an idiot as I was leaving the store, lol.

And just to let you know, its not robbery of course, the coupons will all be reimbursed by the manufacturer (and I suppose the stores can write off the store coupons as a promotional discount)