Friday, December 5, 2008

Saving money part 2 - Being creative and are great sources to use! People have gotten greedy on Ebay... thats not always the best place to find things anymore. I am surprised how generous people are on Freecycle. I signed up for my local freecycle though that link above, and am subscribed so it emails me daily with the new posts. So it takes hardly any time at all. Its the perfect place to find another charger for your cell phone, snow pants for your nephew visiting from Florida (or your own kid, of course), back issues of magazines.... toys.... the list goes ON and ON! People are always posting bags of clothes that their kids have outgrown. All you have to do is email the person that you want it! And you can request specific things too! And its all free - and free to join, of course. Craig's List is similar except that there is usually a monetary request for the item. Like a chest freezer. $25. Works.

Which brings me to my next "be creative" item!

Freeze it!

Did you know you can freeze milk? How about cheese? Bread and meat? Of course! I buy an extra turkey around Thanksgiving and keep it in my freezer until spring (when I'm no longer sick of turkey) I cook it, have a meal with it, and save the breasts in freezer bags with some of the skin and juices to reheat for another meal. I pick off all the "shredded" meat and separate it by color in meal-sized portions in sandwich-sized freezer bags. Next time I make soup... I add a bag of dark turkey meat. Next time I make a casserole? I add a bag of white turkey meat. I estimate that a turkey that was .58c a lb costs about $1 lb after its cooked and off the carcass. Not bad!

I do the same thing with ham. I dice it and freeze it for 1/2 hour on a cookie sheet and put it in a freezer bag. Then I have it to add to omelets and other dishes. has a long list of things you can freeze in addition to my own.

Grow a garden!

No room? How about a container garden? How about a city plot? Or a friend's house? Start with what costs you most in stores. Usually tomatoes and herbs. Those can be grown in pots! We grow pumpkins because we (sort-of) have the space and a $1 packet of seeds produces our pumpkins that we used to pay $20 for in the fall... plus extras - this year my girls actually MADE almost $20 selling our extra pumpkins!

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  1. Free Cycle is truly incredible...but I find that the items go SO FAST. You have to seriously jump on it to not be beat out...


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