Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ok. I told you I'd post a free or GDA... here's one!

This is from the freebie forum at . Have I convinced you guys to join yet? Seriously. I can't copy the whole website onto here!! :p

From Cheapo at

Free Playtex starter nurser (bottle)
Playtex is the leader in infant care and wants to address the growing public confusion about plastics used in baby bottles. Playtex offers a broad selection of BPA-free infant bottles, pacifiers and cups. The links on this page provide more information about the materials used in our infant feeding and soothing products.As a demonstration of our commitment to you, we are offering free samples of the Playtex® Drop-Ins® Original Nurser System, which are BPA-free.Please fill out the form below to receive your free Playtex® Drop-Ins® Original Nurser System.Please allow several weeks for your free sample to arrive. We are increasing our inventory as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can purchase Playtex® Drop-Ins® Nurser Systems at most major retailers, including Babies ‘R Us, Target, Wal-mart, and many major grocery stores, and drug stores. Thank you for your patience.Please limit one per e-mail and one per household.

Inside this sample is a coupon for $1 off... the drop-in liners - if I remember right. These are the older style bottles, but with my experience using both, I really preferred these over the curvy ones.

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