Friday, November 7, 2008

Let it snow!

First snow of the winter today - 6 inches at at 8am, and still coming!
Ahhh, I got my new camera. My old one was a Kodak EasyShare CX7430 (4 MP) that served us well. We got it for our 2004 Christmas present to eachother. It was time... I was having to do so much editing to the pics just to make them useful... we actually put up with it being quirky, taking fuzzy, messed-up color pics for over a year... it was time.
The pic above is from our new camera -- my favorite part? Its UNEDITED! (except to make it smaller for the web) Our new camera is a Canon PowerShot SD870 IS (8MP). It was one of the highest-rated compact digitals at . The most important feature to me was the shutter lag time, or "click-to-capture". My old Kodak did pretty well most of the time with this... I was surprised I couldn't find a "faster" camera, 4 years later.
So I've been doing some canning this past summer. It was a pain to get it out of our basement (currently under construction) off of our stacked washer and dryer... cleaning it, (sometimes even GETTING to it was a challenge!) So I put it on top of my kitchen cabinets as a piece of decor. Here is a sign I made for it. I like it so much I will probably leave it up year round. I am planning on finding an acorn for the center of the cluster on the top-right for it... and I need to find the dot for the "i"...

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