Saturday, November 15, 2008

grocery shopping

Ok, so I got a lot of chuckles from family this week when I made a special trip to a grocery store a half hour from my parents house to do some expired coupon shopping. Expired shopping is really not that much harder than regular shopping... I have a little shoebox with cereal box cardboard dividers (4) that I put each months worth of expireds in. Each month I remove the oldest month and rename it (with pencil) and put in my "recent adds" in it and label it (so the end of this month, I will remove the August ones, and take my november "recent adds" (from earlier in this month) and put those in that August one along with my late-november expireds and rename it to November. Lots of the Cub Foods in the cities take expired coupons, up to 3 months usually. And to let you know if it was worth the gas.... I used about $50 worth of expired coupons on that trip. Thats $50 I wouldn't have had if I had just shopped at the St. Cloud Cub Foods. and many of those did not have current coupons for those products/values. I loaded up on cereal (small boxes) for ... average about .35c a box, I'd say. We go through 1-2 of those each day. so thats really only about a months worth!!

BUT... if its been a little while since you cleaned out your coupon file, you might find some expired Post $1.00/2 coupons. Rumor has it that Cub (or any grocery store??) will give you a catalina (checkout coupon) for $5 off your next giftcard purchase... which I just buy a grocery store card for that amount with it.... This past week, Cub was selling many post cereals for 5/$10, with 2 of those (expired) coupons, my total was $8... and then I got a $5 giftcard. Not bad! remember, though, it has to be one of those in the cities.

I took pictures but I'm just to plain tuckered out to post them tonight.
ETA on 12/3: Little late, I know. This pic was my first trip. I had to leave my parents with a box of Turkey oven bags and a box of Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolate cereal as a thank you for their grand-baby sitting while I was out shopping... Otherwise, its all there! All $46 worth, haha.
THEN... at the St. Cloud Cub I got 30 half-gallons of Wild Harvest Organic skim milk. They had to raincheck it because they had to special order that quantity. Now 20 of them are in my freezer downstairs. I had practically unlimited $1/1 any Wild Harvest Organic item coupons from the Wild Harvest website... and the 1/2 gallons were on sale for $2.67. So I paid $1.67... Thats cheaper/same as conventional milk! And its organic! You'd never know by my sugar-cereal stash that we are trying to transition to organic... lol. One step at a time.
The Deli Select will be free after rebate-- more about that in another post.

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