Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall punkins

Punkin.. that was my nickname when I was a kid...

Here's my Punkins...

They sold about 7 of them - not bad considering most were chewed by moles! I think they netted about $16.

Though we don't celebrate halloween, we always have fun carving pumpkins. I was proud of Kate for picking a green one - I love how she dosen't mind being a little different :)

I did the Counting Our Blessings one (I love the surface carving stuff), and L-R, DH did geek-speak for "home", Kate carved a moon and stars and I helped Ava with a butterfly.

Funny tip - DH bought these weird mellon-ballers for our neice's school fundraiser a few years ago. They are completely useless. Except to gut the pumpkins - WOW!

I guess they are called Progressive Fruit & Vegetable Scoops.... er, I call them worthless-except-for-carving-pumpkins circley-thingies.

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