Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Windowsill herb/salad garden

Me again. This is fun - in a way this keeps my thoughts organized! So after that last post I realized just how much we have benefited financially from having the garden, even if it was less than $50 (eventhough it was around $300 to put in, lol). When choosing what to grow I took into consideration how much it is in the store. Namely the celery. I usually would buy 2-3 stalks of celery in a year, and waste 90% of each one. I'd only need 2-3 ...sticks (?) for a meal here or there. At the greenhouse, they were selling 4-packs of seedlings for $1.18. That might be the cost of ONE stalk of celery. I really enjoyed going out there and grabing just what I needed for a pasta salad or soup or whatever.

So now I have a winter garden project idea. Many times lettuce goes to waste in this house. With the short shelf life and my Crohn's always being an issue, it dosn't get used up. Last year I grew lettuce, and it was "good" for quite some time, as long as it was in the dirt. So I am brainstorming a windowsill lettuce 'window box' and adding a little cilantro and basil too (and transplanting some celery). I hope you can grow lettuce indoors. I'm willing to try.

AND I mentioned to DH that a section of rain gutter would be just right for our windowsills, and then I'd build a decorative exterior to it and he reminded me we have extra gutter up in our garage! Yay! So I just have to buy a couple ends and I think we have a tube of caulking around here somewhere. Still trying to figure out the drain pan. I think I am going to try to rig up some self-watering/seeping system to keep the soil moist enough (esp. since it will be winter). Then the only problem will be where to put the plants that are currently on my windowsill...unless I take over DH's south-facing home office window, LOL! Hey, they say plants enhance your work morale, right?!

Ok, time to get cleaned up and go to the store!

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