Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ta-da! My Indoor Windowsill Garden!

Well here it is! I can't wait for it to start growing! While the seeds are germinating, I am misting it twice a day with a spray bottle and covering it with a wax paper "tent". Boy, this was a lot of work! The window is 58 inches wide. I live in a split-level, so I kept having to go from the garage up to the kitchen to try the fit, then when that was done, I was out of foil, so I got some down from on top of my kitchen cabnets (I had it all along the top for plants, but now I just have 2 up there, so thats where I got 60+ continuous inches of foil, lol! ). Then I had to get the rocks from outside... Then some dirt from my mound outside... This used about 1/2 a 5 gallon bucket full of dirt! Thats a lot to shovel in the box with the little garden shovel! But it will be worth it and now I just have to sit back and enjoy!

a look at the assembly. Rocks, straws, dirt. I hope my straw idea will work.


  1. Jenny
    I just found this site and I am impressed with the idea. Would love to try it. What are the straws for and what have you planted. Would love to have fresh radishs and leaf lettuce in the winter.

  2. Thank you! I put the straws in to help bring some air to the bottom to help evaporation so it wouldn't get moldy. It probably isn't necessary, especially if you don't typically overwater plants.

    I've been wanting to plant baby spinach in mine this winter - so far its empty :(

    I've planted peas, lettuce, chives, and cilantro it in so far. Make sure you keep it warm enough if you have very cold air from your window - by insulating the space between the planter and the glass, putting plastic on the window or putting it on a heatpad a few hours at a time on low, maybe.

    You can click my "garden" tag to see more of my gardening adventures, including my experiences with my windowsill garden

  3. This is so cool! I've been looking for a way to maximize my gardening space indoors.

  4. Very excited!! I have been wanting an indoor garden/sun room for many years now. I'm starting in our windows before my sunroom is built....still dreaming that one up!! Thankfully I'm married to a carpenter.


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