Monday, October 27, 2008

My quirky organizational fetish

Ok, so I am an avid box tops-milk caps-Campbell's soup label-store brand UPC-poptab-earn-money-for-school collector. And I used to keep a ziploc sandwich bag for each in a basket above my microwave for it. Well, I went and bought several generic cornbread muffin boxes (made best use of the depth of my drawer) of muffin mix and made and froze the muffins. Then I carefully opened each of the boxes and covered them with some extra scrapbook paper I had, cut slots and put dividers in some. I re-glued them and put a brad on the flap on the end, and one on the long side of the box and folded in the flaps and secured with an infant hair rubber band on each one (I find lots of uses for those!). Now, it only takes less than 2 inches of depth of my drawer in the kitchen and the kids can help put the things away! I love it - but I need to replace the boxes now (this is an old picture!) Guess I gotta get more cornbread muffin mix!

Continue on to this post for step by step instructions and more details...


  1. OH my goodness such a smart idea! We use an old frosting tub for our box tops!

    So exciting to see individuals re-purposing, makes my heart smile!



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